Saturday, October 31, 2020
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    Gujarat introduces smart meter based real-time power tariff

    Gujarat has taken a big-leap forward in introducing real-time power tariff based on smart meters to curb power theft and cut down peak demand by tapping on user behaviour. Like cell-phone users, people may be able to pick a plan for electricity consumption. The Uttar Gujarat[...]

    Schneider Electric vying for smart grid projects in India

    Schneider Electric is finding a huge business opportunity in the smart grid projects being implemented by various state governments. Under the Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (APDRP) of the Central government, several state governments are taking up projects for integrating power systems with information[...]

    Fairwood sees a huge potential in India and sets up manufacturing facility to cater to Europe and West Asia

    Fairwood Smart Green, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore-headquartered Fairwood Smart Green Global, has lined up plans to eventually turn the Indian operation into global production hub for hardware and software for hi-tech automation products and solutions for renewable and infrastructure projects across the[...]

    Alstom T&D India leading the Energy Management System domain of the Indian power grid

    Alstom has been a pioneer in bringing in smart technology to India’s transmission grid. It has supplied equipment to India’s three out of five Regional Load Dispatch Centres and to the National Load Dispatch Centre. Alstom T&D India’s leadership in the Smart Grid domain in[...]

    What does IBM have in it’s smart grid roadmap in India ?

      IBM’s selection to conceptualise, design and deliver an advanced smart grid solution has been passed by Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL) in the national capital. The IT-enabled solution will help collect and analyse real-time information from smart meters, which will enable Tata Power Delhi Distribution to[...]

    Venture capital Investments picking up pace in the smartgrid space

    2013 has witnessed intensive Venture Capital activity in the smartgrid sector. Unlike 2010 and 2011 when many of the venture capitalist firms in Europe and the Americas were not able to accurately capture the risk in investing in smartgrid ventures, after 3 years now bar[...]

    Big Data & Texting to Improve Water Distribution – NextDrop

    The growth of mobile-supported business models in India is very essential as its the most common way to connect even among the lower income groups and this mobile technology can be harnessed for collecting grassroots data. This social entrepreneurship “tech”model has become the norm in[...]

    Digital Substation Automation Competence Centre Inaugurated – Alstom

    Alstom inaugurated the Digital Substation Automation Competence Centre at Pallavaram, Chennai. The facility was inaugurated by Mr. Rathin Basu, Managing Director Alstom T&D India, Mr. Patrick Plas, Senior Vice-President, Grid Power Electronics & Automation, and Mr. Hervé Amossé, Vice-President Substation Automation Solutions. Alstom is a world leader in power[...]

    Cyan Holdings maintaining close ties with India

    With the Tamil Nadu government delaying the tender process, Cyan has made it search for opportunities elsewhere. And now with the Latin America also under its radar, Cyan Holdings is excited for the smart metering opportunity in India following its round table event with Mr.s[...]

    Partnership extended with Gridquant – Battelle

    Ohio-based Battelle, Columbus has decided to extend its already existing relationship with Gridquant, becoming the exclusive distributor of Gridquant software in India, U.S., U.S. territories and Canada. Equity stake in Gridquant and its software tools which includes the patented Holomorphic Embedding Load-Flow Method (HELM) are held by Battelle[...]

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