Saturday, January 23, 2021
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    Chhatrapur to become first Smart Grid Town in Odisha

    Chhatrapur is set to become the first Smart Grid Town in Odisha with the implementation of the latest technology in power supply system which can withstand very high-speed cyclone with wind speed of around 350-kmph. Chhatrapur is set to become the first ‘Smart Grid Town’ in[...]

    Planning commission looking at ways to reduce smart grid tech costs

    Planning commission looking at ways to reduce smart grid tech costs. Various options are being studied to reduce the cost of smart grid technologies, which will help in bringing down overall transmission and distribution losses in the power sector, a Planning Commission member said today. The emphasis on reducing[...]

    Greenpeace demands DRE be recognized by Bihar Government

    In the state of Bihar, Greenpeace India has launched a campaign to push the state towards decentralized clean energy. Following that it aims at creating a solar-powered microgrid for the village of Dharnai. Previously the village was electrified but it lost the grid connection and[...]

    DERC’s Electricity Tariff plan burdens group housing society

    The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has increased the power tariffs yet again in its recent revision. Residents who have taken independent connections for common facilities such as elevators, common halls, staircase and so on were paying only Rs. 6.50 till July but from now,[...]

    SAS Energy Forecasting boost Smart Grid’s Return on Investment (ROI)

    Utilities can operate efficiently by capitalizing on new interval data from smart meters with the availability of the SAS Energy Forecast. SAS, Statistical Analysis System, is the business analytic services and solutions provider and the largest independent vendor in business intelligence market. SAS’s Load Forecasting supports multiple planning horizons from[...]

    Infrastructure : Smart Grid for Smart Customers

    Renji Kumar Pillai, President of the Indian Smart Grid Forum addressed the second conference on Smart Grid  Energy, Organised by Israel Export Institute and the Israeli Smart Grid Energy Association.  He was quoted as saying “Evolving Smart Grid is going to be the biggest gift[...]

    Smart Grid Standards for India “A Must” for its sustainable growth

    IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is the standards development body of IEEE. India being the 3rd largest market world-wide, IEEE-SA has reaffirmed their commitment to the Indian Smart Grid market in setting up Smart Grid Standards for India.   The Chairperson of IEEE-SA, Srikanth Chandrasekaran says, Smart Grid[...]

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