Friday, February 26, 2021
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    National Smart Waterways Grid Mission advocated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    National Smart Waterways Grid Mission was proposed by none other than Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at the 8th International Conference organized by the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) on 14th February, 2014.  Dr Kalam, Former President of India, advocated the creation of the “National Smart[...]

    India could leapfrog other nations by adopting smart grid faster

    All indicators have been pointing to the fact that India could indeed leapfrog into the smartgrid electrical infrastructure faster than many other nations. This has primarily been due to the fact that in India there has been focus on reducing the losses incurred in the[...]

    Round-up of 2013 as we enter the most awaited year for smart grid in India

    The year 2013 saw several important decisions and critical steps being taken to speed up the languishing power projects, remove bottlenecks and interact closely with all stakeholders whether state governments, ministries, or the private sector to make power generation a seamless process.   1. Installed[...]

    More than $10B investments into indian smart grid transformation

    Indian smart grid transformation is looming large. India has a power grid that is very old, inefficient and is ripe for renovation and transformation. Some Indian states are taking strides and leading by example in laying new networks and moving towards the smart grid infrastructure.[...]

    Smart Grid data Tsunami – Brace Utilities

    India is the fifth largest in the world in the electricity sector and is the fourth largest consumer of electricity after US, China and Russia. In spite of all this, India suffers from major shortage of electricity generation capacity. And now that the country is[...]

    India’s smart grid could be stimulated by Renewable energy

    According to the global market intelligence firm Netscribe Inc.,  increased demand for clean energy is expected to accelerate the demand for smart grids in the Indian market.   The Indian government has given high priority to smart grid technology by initiating 14 pilot projects and[...]

    Customer plays central role in Smart Metering

    Customer’s always play a vital role for the success of any product. Likewise the customer is the corner stone of every utility. It is only the happy customer that gives value to the utility and not regulator, not the government and not even the shareholder.[...]

    Smart Grid – India

    Smart Grid is the buzz word in the energy sector the world-over and smart grid innovation is discussed more than anything else. And many want to know what Smart Grid really means. A new generation of grid technology that would bring innovations and improvements that[...]

    GTM releases Top 150 Smart Grid Vendors 2013

    Greentech Media (GTM), an integrated online media company and is designed to deliver good content in the industry, be it research, news or critical networking events. GTM also delivers news, research and analysis in business-to-business greentech market. Every year, an in-depth look at the end-to-end[...]

    Smartening the age old Electric Grid

    Smartening the age old Electric Grid has paved way for the smart grid industry. Ever since the Electric Grid was first designed in the late 19th century it has not seen any major update. Even if the great minds behind the design of the Electric grid,[...]

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