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    CG Substation Automation System bags its first order from PGCIL boosting its foray into Indian smart grid market


    CG Substation Automation System wins its first order from the state-run power transmission utility in India.  Avantha Group Company CG’s Automation Business Unit has bagged a deal from Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) to supply six Substation Automation Systems (SAS) in Jharkhand, India. The SAS, which will be jointly managed with CG’s Engineering Projects Division, India, is intended to help monitor and improve PGCIL’s transmission capacity across the state.


    The deal involves supplying six 220/132/33 kV ZIV 61850 SAS to Govindpur, Manoharpur, Jaduguda, Dalbhumgarh, Jamtara, and Rourkela in Jharkhand, India. The order includes the manufacture and supply of ZIV protection and control relays,automation systems and engineering services. CG intelligent substation automation solutions are a key element to develop a safer and more efficient network. The company’s cost-effective substation automationsolutions based on open standards simplify future expansion and maintainability and minimise lifetime costs. CG will utilise resources at its automation unit in Bangalore to provide local support during commissioning services. CG’s new site in Bangalore houses India’s first-ever, state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing IntelligentElectronic Devices and systems, both for Substation Automation and Smart Grid applications. CG will bring automation technologies and solutions that have been proven in similar climatic conditions in countries like Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.


    After acquiring ZIV, CG is a key provider and an important player in the global smart grid market where it offers ZIV metering, protection, communication and automation solutions. CG offers innovative Substation AutomationSystems (SAS) and Distribution Automation Solutions (DAS) commercialized under the ZIV®brand. CG’s other business dealing with PGCIL is its maiden order for the manufacture of 765kV transformers. PGCIL, one of the largest power transmission utilities in the world, is developing a robust Integrated National Grid and participating in the Indian Government’s flagship programme, ‘Power for all’. Through the execution of this order, CG will qualify as a complete solutions provider which can build an intelligent integrated SAS, engineered around high-end technology products. CG aims to widen its Substation Automation and Smart Grid offer spectrum and play a major role in strengthening the country’s power networks.


    Speaking on the PGCIL order, Avantha Group Company CG’s CEO and Managing Director, Laurent Demortier, said: “We thank PGCIL for this order. We are proud to bring state-of-the-art automation technology to PGCIL to contribute to a safer, efficient and stable grid. Thesubstation automation systems delivered to PGCIL are part of the Smart Grid offering that CG has acquired following the acquisition of ZIV in 2012.”


    Source: PTI/UNI

    Posted on Saturday, April 12, 2014

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