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    Genus and Corinex tie up to develop India’s indigenous BPL smart meter

    After the initial success seen by technology providers deploying sub – GHz AMI bands in the Puducherry smart pilot, there has been increased interest among the Indian and multinational metering players to bring other AMI Architectures further into the smart grid pilots. Canadian supplier Corinex Communications, a global leader in Broadband over Powerline (BPL) technologies, has tied up with Indian electric meter manufacturer Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, to develop India’s first indigenous smart meter featuring BPL communications technology. As the first Indian meter vendor to employ such technology, Genus is well positioned to provide the Indian market with residential single- and three-phase smart meters, which can collect meter readings in near real-time within India’s complex heterogeneous network infrastructure. Genus meters will support the most advanced SmartGrid applications, including encrypted communication of customer data, load management, peak shaving, and real-time energy theft detection.


    “Our technical team was impressed by possibilities of Corinex communication technology. We made our choice for integration based on the field performance of Corinex AMI SmartGrid BPL network installed in Smart City Puducherry,” said JK Agarwal, VP of Genus marketing and Business Development. “We are excited to support Genus as the leading Indian meter manufacturer,” said John Evora, SVP Marketing at Corinex. “The plan is to bring the Genus BPL enabled meter, with BPL infrastructure supporting up to 40 Mbps speed, to the Indian market within 3 months.”


    The Genus smart meter will connect to a Corinex SmartGrid Powerline Concentrator embedded with SmartGrid functionalities. This product is a revolutionary step up from existing concentrators, enabling simultaneous BPL and PRIME/G3 communications on SmartGrid using DLMS/COSEM and/or ANSI communication standards to maximize device interoperability. This solution keeps options open for Genus to implement other powerline technologies in their meter, if future market forces dictate. A broad portfolio of MDM systems will also be supported. This drastically reduces infrastructure costs for Indian utilities and improves energy management to avoid costly power outages, without large additional investments to power generation assets.


    Corinex provides technology solutions as well as business consultancy services on the benefits of its solutions for a utility. Genus’ mission is to delight customers with high quality, innovative products and services in electrical and electronic fields. Genus primary deals in manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Energy Meters, Metering Solutions, Power Distribution and Management projects, Inverters, Home UPS, Online UPS, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Batteries and Hybrid Microcircuits across India and globally.

    Posted on Friday, November 29, 2013

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