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    New Regulations for open access to energy ready

    Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSREC) has introduced a system which enables the power consumers especially those who consume large quantities of power, to choose the energy sources with the help of the linking network of T&D licensees.
    T.M. Manoharan, the commission chairman on Tuesday said that a new ‘Regulations on Connectivity and Intra-State Open Access’ would govern the introduced system, which is in line with some Electricity Act sections that stipulates “non-discriminatory open access” to energy for the consumers should be provided by the T&D licensees.
    The commission said in a press release that the main objective of the regulation is provide the intra-state open access by a single reference point which would help power producers, traders and consumers to work out strategies which are economically optimal for each one of them.
    This new regulation replaces the set of regulation notified in 2005, during which time the power sector environment was different in our country.
    Consumers who require power supply without disruption such as the various industries would be benefit from these regulations during times of power supply restrictions, else if they are able to get power for competitive price from an outside sources other than KSEB. In these cases, the power from other sources can be brought by paying a transmission (mostly KSEB). Meaning they won’t be connected by a separate power feeders.
    High power consumers such as malls and jewelry showrooms who pay high rates for energy they consume who cross-subsidise power supply to large sections of the poor consumers can also avail this benefit. But they would have to pay “cross-subsidy surcharge” to the State power utility who supply electricity at low rates to the power sections.
    Mr. Manohar said that similar to paying road taxes for using highway or leased roadways, power can be brought in from other sources in the common distribution line by paying for it.
    New developments such as setting up of power exchanges, emergence of power traders, and appearance of several independent power producers in the country are taken into consideration said the commission.

    Posted on Thursday, September 12, 2013

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